Jan Dvorak is an independent singer / songwriter based in Prague, Czech Republic.

Main instruments remain guitars and Indian Sitar although other wonderful instruments crossed his path and remained in his heart, e.g. Japanese Shakuhachi, Surbahar (bass sitar substituting the mysterious Rudra Veena), Ukulele and 5-string banjo.

Dreadnought acoustic guitar would be the most frequently played and used for composing new material. Other beauties like flamenco Spanish, John Scofield hollow-body arch-top Ibanez or Fender Stratocaster do not lag far behind and are widely used in concerts and studio sessions.

The genre span is perhaps too wide but what can you do when there is such a lot of great music out there? Writing guitar-based songs have always been the main thing for expression while Indian Classical Music opened the doors to new realms of self-cultivation and spirituality.