Jan&Jakub Dvořákovi

Indian Classical Music (i.e. traditional North Indian ragas), bhajans and sitar-based songs/compositions

Raag PURVI on Surbahar (Alap, Jor)

Raag MALKAUNS on Surbahar (Alap, Jor)

Here is a video snapshot from a recent concert in Trutnov. Also, a footage from more intimate evening with raag Multani and a Kabir bhajan Kuch Le Na.

The following audio tracks were captured during various Music Meditation sessions in Prague. A traditional raag was always presented first in the form of Alap-Jor-Jhalla, usually followed  with a Kabir bhajan featuring tabla and vocals:

15 February 2019:

This above bhajan has also been captured on video here

4 October 2019:

26 June 2018:

Raag Jhinjhoti (Sitar) – 2017

Raag Shree (Sitar+vocal) – 7 April 2017

Here is also a couple of our own sitar-based songs recorded in 2017. They respect the Indian Classical Music approach, i.e. Alap first and then the actual song (Gat) with tabla and vocals.

Jan Dvořák - Sitar, Surbahar, Vocals
Jakub Dvořák - Tabla, Tanpura, Vocals