A bit of sitar music in Trutnov (YogFest Hor 2019)

…. pro překlad do češtiny prosím zkuste překladač v pravém pruhu – je to vtipné…:-)

Recently, we were privileged to play the closing concert at the YogFest Hor in Trutnov. After a full day of exercises, workshops and lectures the attendees were ready to switch off and melt away into some smooth music. We selected three pieces of which some fragments were captured by a member of the audience (who did a good job, given the circumstances…). Enjoy and let us know your thoughts…

1 – Ghunghat Ke Pat Khol – is a great Kabir poem made into wonderful bhajan under raag Darbari Kanada. Only short glimpses were filmed unfortunatelly – it normally lasts about 45 min :-). The Alapi (non-rythmic) singing style is followed by a Keherwa Taal which resembles how the bhajan would be played like a folk song – which is normally the case.


2 – Shiva & Shakti – a melodrama in Czech language written by myself after an interesting meditation insight on unity of Consciousness (Shiva) and Creative Energy (Shakti).  The melodic structure is under the raag of Anandi Kalyan. The Alapi poem is followed by a Masit Khani Gat in Vilambit Tintaal and then a short Drut Tintaal improvisation.


3 – Akata Kahani – another Kabir bhajan written by my dear teacher and friend Amit Chatterjee. It combines two raags: Mand and Jhinjhoti. We usually play it slow and Alapi but for this venue we decided to frame it into a rythmic cycle (Kehewra Taal) a keep it up tempo. Well, the melody is so beautiful that it works in any style… good job, Amit!


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