Raag Multani

By mistake, I just found this recording of raag Multani which we played on the Music Meditation session 4 Oct 2019 in Prague.

This raag holds a very special place among raags, using very unusual tones and invoking very unusual feelings. The prevailing rasa is called Chanchala, i.e. unsettledness, anxienty, restlessness.

The metaphysical message is best felt in late afternoon´s wild nature, just before sunset. Everything becomes unstable, agitated, unsettled – as if an inevitable end (death) is coming but we cannot see it yet, hence we cannot embrace it and accept it.  This is Multani – only for hard core folks, not much for joy and relaxation.  Yet, it reveals the greatness and depth of Indian Classical Music and its connection to all aspects of life (and death).

BTW – I did not pick the below image – YouTube did 🙂 and it fits like a glove…

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