Raag Purvi (on surbahar)

Purvi (Poorvi) is a raag of transition. A bridge into the evening right after Sunset. Unlike Marwa, which is before, or Shree, which comes afterwards, Purvi is very appealing and beautiful. Here, we could only post Alap and Jor, because the camera shut down automatically after 30 minutes – so no Jhalla this time, sorry 🙁

You may notice the very low komal Re (minor second) and komal Dha (minor sixth) which are -29 cents and  -27 cents below 12ET (std tempered tuning), respectively. The other tones are also in natural tuning appropriate for this raag, i.e. they cannot be played on piano. The shining resonance comes through due to the shuddha Ga (major third) which is -14 cents below the tuner… Not as difficult as it may seem.

Jan Dvorak - Surbahar
Jakub Dvorak - Tanpura
Recorded on 6Nov2021


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