Suddenly (Audio)

Here´s a song we normally play in a duet, just a nylon string guitar and bass. We added a few instruments and it hopefully got a bit more punch. The lyrics kind of deserve it, anyways…

Suddenly, out of nowhere
She would come and take me by surprise
Suddenly, it was all there
She provided all I´d ever asked

I´ve searched every corner of my dirty world
But I could not find Her there
I´ve asked almost everybody that I met
but no!  no one seemed to care

One in all, one in all
No  one  at all!
Music&Lyrics - Jan Dvorak
Bass -  Jakub Dvorak
All other instruments and vocals - Jan Dvorak
Produced, Recorded, Mixed at JaiD's Studio, Oct 2019

If you care to see the entire oil painting by Alena Dvorakova called “Light On The Path”, here it is:

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