Demo Songs 2017

I guess it was mid 2017 when I asked my dear friend and teacher Amit Chatterjee to help me out with a few songs I wrote for a full band. It was a great experience to see a real producer work! By real producer I mean a person who will not leave a trace of his own taste, habits and musical influence and only pry out the gist of the artist so that the songs speak out naturally as if you were telling a story in your living room.

What Do We Know?

1. Don’t close the doors as we don’t know what may be coming
Don’t shut the windows when the breeze wants to great us in the morning
Who knows what they teach us and we don’t get it
But I suppose that some day, maybe on Sunday, maybe just one day….

2. Don’t close the doors, leave them open as wide as can be
Spread out the windows, warm welcome to all the butterflies
I know it´s crazy, so unprotected
But I suppose it´s the only way, anyway, for every day…

REF:  What do we know about what´s out there?
Are we scared, or we don’t care?
What do we know about that “Somewhere”?
Beyond compare, unaware, shall we dare…?
Who Am I?

Who am I to draw this universe?
Who am I to write another verse? 
Who am I to make all this alive? 
To sing my song and resonate with light... 

2. Who am I to watch this from behind? 
Who am I to stay up all the time? 
Who am I – uttering the sounds of Silence?

REF:  What a radiant sound
what a radiant sound what a radiant sound? -3x 
What a radiant – Am I the radiant sound?  

3. Who am I to ask this kind of thing? 
Who am I to answer everything? 
Who am I hiding all the time behind the curtain of my own perception..!

1. Sooner rather than later, we will come to understand
All those things which now seem greater
All those things we cannot stand…

2. Sooner, and some of us later, we will all see what´s behind
All the things we´ve been afraid of
All the things we couldn´t find – we didn´t find!

REF: Sooner, sooner, all the troubles gone away
Sooner than we´ve been hoping for
Sooner, sooner a beam of light will shine our way

3. Sooner rather than later, we will all get what we need
Secret wishes will all come true
Goals we´ve never hoped to meet – we´ll now meet!
Go with the flow

1. Go with the flow   – is what they say
Fly in the wind – every day
Don´t lose control over what you do
No matter what, you wanna stay in tune!

2. Go with the flow – is the only way
Open up your eyes and see – that all is there
This is what all books and teachers say
No matter how I try – I always fail!

REF: I really wanna find that out
How do I go about that flow
Someday I really wanna figure out
How I could stay in that flow

3. Go with the flow – yes, I know!
Let go of my dreams and hopes – yes and no!
Nothing left to stand on and hold on to
Is this the Freedom or another doom?
All songs written, recorded, mixed&mastered by Jan Dvořák at JaiD´s Studio Oct-Nov 2017.
Produced by Amit Chatterjee

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