Fine Flowers In The Valley

Here´s an old Scottish murder ballad filmed in Odolena Voda, Czechia.
It is a title song of our recent audio album PURE OLD SONGS  (click to listen)
Enjoy and share as you like.

Fine Flowers In The Valley 

She sat down below a thorn 
Fine flowers in the valley 
And there she hugged her sweet babe born 
And the green leaves they grow rarely 

"Smile na sae sweet, my bonnie babe"
"An ye smile sae sweet, ye will smile me deid"

She's ta'en oot her wee pen knife
And twined the sweet babe o' it's life

She's howket a grave by the light o' the moon
An' there she's buried her sweet babe in

As she was going to the church
She saw a sweet babe in the porch

"O sweet babe, an' thou wert mine"
"I wad cleed thee in the silk sae fine"

"Oh, mother dear, when I was thine"
"Ye did'na prove tae me sae kind"
KT Dvorakova – Vocal
Jan Dvorak – Guitars, Shakuhachi, Djembe, Vocals
Jakub Dvorak – Upright Bass, Vocals
Recorded at JaiD´s Studio in Dec 2020. Filmed in Jan 2021

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