TouchScreen (Audio)

A song inspired by today´s more and more virtual reality. I originally wrote it for my 15-year old daughter to sing, but she flatly refused it because she disagreed with the message…

Well, I hope some of you, folks, of my generation will appreciate it.

Lyrics video:

And pure audio for old-fashioned individuals like me…:-)


1. Let me touch your screen to get to know you better
Let me hear your voice again through my stereo speakers
Let me see your profile on your profile page
Let´s spend some time together in this golden cage
Just like when we first met,
Just like when we first met – on the internet

2. I like the way you smile in full HD
Even though you´re only on my OLED
Why can´t we share the way we shared before
Why can´t we stay together forever more
just like when we first met – on the internet

REF: We don´t need to hold our hands
It ain´t cool, it´s old fashioned
We don´t need to touch our lips when we kiss – it´s dangerous!
You don´t need to whisper in my ear just text me!
And I´ll … respond…

Written, arranged and recorded by Jan Dvorak at JaiD´s Studio, February 2021.

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