It´s Not Completely Gone (Audio)

This instrumental tune came up when I brought home my brand new dreadnought built by Ondra Houloubek – I call it Sirael. Before I met Ondra, one of the best luthiers alive, I thought that the art of building a top notch instrument was lost and we can only either purchase overly expensive vintage guitars  or accept the mediocre factory-built pieces available in shops.

Well, I was wrong, because in Ondra´s shop, I saw that this divine art was “not completely gone”

This tune is dedicated to Ondra and also to all the great souls who sacrifice profit and fame  to  quality and depth of art/craft.

We also used this as an opportunity to introduce Jakub´s new old  upright bass and a new project called VIVAT ACUSTICA.



Music by Jan Dvořák
Guitars, Jembe - Jan Dvořák
Upright Bass - Jakub Dvořák

Recorded March 2020 at JaiD´s studio

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