Train Home (Audio)

Let me share this song which the electric bands don´t want to play with me because it is “too country”.  Well, we love country music (especially the older stuff) because it is a simple and pure music of the heart.

In my opinion, Train Home is just a normal folkish song with a bit of a transcendental message – so why ruining it with a complicated arrangement?

Let me know what you think… and enjoy the ride “home”… (BTW home does not mean death here)

Train Home
Waiting on the right train home, to take me closer… 
Standing on the right platform, at least I hope so… 
So many miles I walked alone, on my own and barefoot 
The road was rocky, full of thorns, a more than I could bare! 

Waiting on the right train home, the Lord will send it 
Pick me up and carry on, oh how splendid! 
To take a seat right by the window and just watch the landscape 
To throw my backpack full of stone on the floor and escape home 

Music, Lyrics by Jan Dvořák
Guitars and Vocals - Jan Dvořák
Bass - Jakub Dvořák
Recorded March 2020 at JaiD´s Studio

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