Mozart Kugeln by Vivat Acustica

Who would not wish to write a Baroque piece (or, rather, a tribute to this music)?  We recorded this humoresque during our Vivat Acustica jam session, this time featuring a friend, Tomas Chrudimsky, on Gypsy Guitar.

The fact that W.A.Mozart does not exactly belong to Baroque era should not impair our joy with this piece.

MOZART KUGELN by Vivat Acustica:

As an encore, we also captured two other songs written by Tomas which are beautiful gypsy jazz improvisation themes.

Guitar (left side) - Jan Dvorak
Guitar (right side) - Tomas Chrudimsky
Double Bass - Jakub Dvorak
Special Percussion Set - Libor Antos
Recorded on 29May2021, Prague, Czechia

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