Flowing Freely (AUDIO)

Here´s another smooth song.

I noticed this beautiful and wise saying by Lao C` (Lao Tzu) on my wife`s desk = the first line of the lyrics.

And during my cold morning shower, this warm melody came about… I hope old Lao wouldn`t mind…

And then I noticed this wonderful fresh painting by Alena so I had to borrow it.

Flowing Freely

1. When it comes – let it, when it goes – let it
When you feel the wind just let it blow
When you think you get it, you believe you´re ready
Then why don´t we just let it flow?

Chor: Flowing freely, with the breath of life
Disapearing into the ocean wide
Flowing freely, never coming back
Nothing to regret, nothing to forget…

2. When it shows – let it, when it hides – let it
The breeze just likes to play the game
When you think you get it, you´ve seen through already
Then why should we put out the flame?

Written, arranged and recorded by Jan Dvorak at JaiD´s Studio, April 2021.

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