The Skye Boat Song (Outlander theme)

Skye is not only a beautiful island in northern Scotland and a home of delicious Talisker whiskey but also a refuge of prince Charles E Stuart after unsuccessful rebelion against the English crown back in 1746. And those were the original lyrics to this wonderful old instrumental song. However, R.L.Stevenson thought this tune deserved better lyrics and so he wrote them (I like the guy).

It gained a worldwide popularity due to the OUTLANDER TV series where this title song can be heard in many versions – and all to my liking, I admit.

And yes, Outlander inspired me to do our own version with young KT Dvorak. Just like R.L., I took some liberties and, for instance, used fuzz guitar instead of more stylish bag-pipe… A great song like this can take some abuse 🙂 We hope you like it this way, too.

Here is a video with a few shots from the island of Skye.

Or just audio:

KT Dvorakova - Vocals
Jan Dvorak -  Guitars, Percussions, Vocals
Jakub Dvorak - Bass
Produced by Jan Dvorak at JaiD´s Studio
March 2021

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